Juice Bar and Healthy Eats Menu

Menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability and agricultural supply. * = organic/local produce

SMOOTHIES – 12oz $5.50 | 16oz $6.95

Mean Green Detox *kale, *spinach, kiwi, *apple, *cucumber, *lemon, *ginger, *parsley
Sweet Green *kale, *spinach, *apple, pineapple, dates
Triple Berry Antioxidant *strawberry, *blueberry, *raspberry, *spinach, pineapple, banana, dates
Flu Fighter *kale, grapefruit, *oranges, *lemon, *ginger, *mint, dates, orange juice
You’re Turning Violet, Violet! *blueberry, *kale, pineapple, *lemon, *ginger, dates
Cadofornication avocado, *apple, vanilla almond milk, dates
I Wish I Was in Hawaii *orange, pineapple, banana, dates
ADD ONS Cayenne | $.50 Tumeric | $.50 Chia Seeds | $1
Hemp Seeds | $1 Sunflower Greens | $1 Any Fruit or Veggie | $1 Wheat Grass Shot | $5

JUICES – 12oz $5.50 | 16oz $6.95

Be sure to check out the delicious cold-press juice selections featured in our Cleanse Program.

Beet It! *beet, *carrot, *apple, *ginger
Woo Hoo *carrot, *apple, *ginger
Twister pineapple, *orange, grapefruit
Red Rush *carrot, *beet, *celery, *cucumber


Nutin’ But Craisy *quinoa, vanilla almond milk, sliced almonds, craisins, honey, spices

WRAPS – $6.95

La Fiesta brown rice, black bean, *tomatoes, *cilantro, red onion, *salsa, served with spicy sauce
Not Your Mom’s Chicken Salad chick peas, red onion, *celery, *veganase, crasins, spices
Bangladesh *quinoa, *tomato, *cilantro, *cucumber, *thai coconut curry hummus, served with curry sauce

SALAD – $6.95

Rawlicious *kale, *spinach, crasins, sliced almonds, *tomato, *cucumber, tossed in balsamic vinegar and oil